This page provides links to the laws that govern the United States of America and Washington State. There are additional links to help you find specific laws, cases, information sources and summaries of laws. Click the highlighted text to go directly to the material described.

Please note that the law consists of the laws passed by our legislatures, and "case law". Case law refers to the decisions made by Courts, and by quasi-judicial entities. These decisions are precedents that help define the laws and their application.

Case law may appear to greatly alter laws as adopted by our legislatures. Summaries and records of case law are available in law libraries and some libraries. Decisions of quasi-judicial entities are usually available from the entity.

In some cases the laws require governmental agencies to adopt rules and requlations to administer or implement a law. There are many examples. Washington State, has an administrative code, refered to as "WAC". In US law, the Endangered Species Act is implemented through regulations adopted by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

To properly understand our laws, you may need to refer to case law and to the rules and requlations adopted by the agency implementing the law.

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