April 21, 1998 Governor Locke has appointed people to fill each of the three vacancies on the 9 person Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Fish and Wildlife Commission is responsible for setting policy and directing all of the activity of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is expected to play a critical role in developing a response to the US National Marine Fisheries Service's proposed Endangered Species listing of Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula Chinook Salmon.

The new appointees are:

Russ Cahil,
retired deputy director of the Washington State Department of Parks and Recreation, and previously the head of the Alaska and California Parks Departments.

Don Henicke,
a Wenatchie apple orchardist. Mr. Henicke is not associated with hunting or fishing organizations, but has served on several boards with responsibility for large organizations and budgets.

Bob Tuck,
a Sela fisheries biology consultant and former employee of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Washington State Senate approval of the appointees is required. However, statutes provide that may serve until the Senate chooses to act. The appointees will begin their work at once, and will continue unless there is a vote of disapproval by the Senate.